Randy Maugans


Media producer, technologist, designer, talk show host/interviewer; advanced metaphysics


Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, united States of America 


Jesus, Gandhi, Nietzsche, Jung, John Lennon, Frank Zappa, William Blake, E.A. Poe, Kahill Gibran, e.e. cummings, Marshal McLuhan, Stanley Kubrick, Robert Heinlein, Ayn Rand, Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, Frank Lloyd Wright…and a host of Higher Spirits Unseen.

Related Activities:

Technology: As an early “indigo”, I am eminently comfortable with technology (though NOT with the effects). As a kid, I built crystal radios, hacked antenna systems for shortwave and ham radio, played with tape recorders and electronic instruments, and interned at a local classical public radio station. My first computer was a Sinclair ZX-81/1000, which served to learn BASIC, I went on to learn dBASE, UNIX, and MS-DOS as well as Pascal, MS-BASIC, Hypercard, and Visual Basic—before the advent of the web. I also worked as a software developer, consultant/trainer and system integrator; then moved onto the web where in 2003 I began archiving MP3 audios of my radio shows—I am one of the first “podcasters”. Today, I design and maintain all the websites for my shows, as well as for several clients; I continue to learn new software including graphics, video, and audio production packages; while keeping up with ever-evolving web technologies. Things are easier to do now, but there are more of them! Partial list of software proficiencies: WordPress, Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/Audition, SONY Sound Forge/Vegas PRO, Corel Painter, Microsoft Access; as well as web-based Flash, PHP/MySQL, Javascript, CSS, and HTML.

Threshing_Floor_RadioThe Threshing Floor (2003-2012) – Broadcast over international shortwave radio and satellite, The Threshing Floor was cutting edge Christian radio that dared to speak the truth about corrupt 501(c)3 corporate churches and mega-ministries, the darkness of political Zionism, and warnings about the (then) impending economic state of America. It became a personal spiritual journey that in 2010 became OffPlanet Radio. The show is presently on hiatus, but is archived onPodomatic.

Personal Disciplines: Years ago I believed that spirituality was about what I believed. Later, I presumed it was about what I DID. Today, free from much of the religious bondages of my upbringing and culture, I have learned that spirituality is an integration of all aspects of the self, and is truly what we ARE, There is no hierarchy of spirituality, as it is all a process carried out over non-linear time, or time-ingness. There are intervals in the Universe whereby we are quickened to move to advanced levels, and there are souls who fail to move with the cadence. As such, “realities” compound to states where souls may transit to other spheres for more work. While there appear to be advanced levels of spiritual beings…each soul must follow its own tangents. “Good and evil” are roles we play in illusion. Truth is an unrelenting force that, when heeded, sets the course. It is arduous and painful, from the human perspective; but ultimately not futile. Consciousness is simply the aperture (like a camera) that zooms and constricts according to the soul’ journey. Consciousness is not the goal—it is the mechanism. Meditation and advanced technologies such as remote viewing, whole brain thinking, and energy work can be methods to initiate higher energies and dimensions.