The motion picture Love explains what needs to be understood about the human condition: we are designed to be part of our planet. We are attached to the planet in multiple dimensions which traverse the space/time matrix. Our “books” of memories (data banks) are imprints of all the aspects of our being, all the relationships we forge; all the history we write: past/present/future; that ultimately, LOVE is a force that binds us cohesively to all these aspects which are mirrors of our own consciousness.

“You only have to remember that what you have done in your life may change what someone else is doing in their life and so therefore, your life continues in their eyes. ”

— The Story Teller

In the film, Lee Miller, the astronaut who is abandoned/isolated on the International Space Station (IS(i)S) in 2039, confronts the ultimate enigma of SELF…that the past collides with the present; the future wrote the NOW, and that love triumphs over isolation, even physical death.

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