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Black Science | RandyMaugans.com

beyond time?

Consciousness is not a single state, but a reflective “snap shot” of a now-ness observed and realized. The clockwork effect is a focus point of perception, not an absolute as most quantum physicists readily agree, Past, present, and future—so-called—all exist at once, as fractals of the process of unfolding creation. It is, from the perspective of consciousness, that phenomena such as time dilation is affected by gravity and velocity: Time speeds up and slows down under variable conditions: “Gravitational time dilation is at play for ISS (International Space Station) astronauts too, and it has the opposite effect of the relative velocity time dilation. To simplify, velocity and gravity each slow down time as they increase. Velocity has increased for the astronauts, slowing down their time, whereas gravity has decreased, speeding up time (the astronauts are experiencing less gravity than on Earth). Nevertheless, the ISS astronaut crew ultimately end up with “slower” time because the two opposing effects are not equally strong. The velocity time dilation (explained above) is making a bigger difference, and slowing down time. The (time-speeding up) effects of low-gravity would not cancel out these (time-slowing down) effects of velocity unless the ISS orbited much farther from Earth.” – Wikipedia article, Time dilation The question becomes: what IS gravity? What is velocity? Beyond all the mathematics and physics equations, we do not comprehend the source of gravity. No, not the definition of these forces—The Source. If consciousness is a fractal of the wholeness of creation, does it not also fully contain gravity within its totality? What if—humans, who are greater than their mere physicality—are, in fact the source of...