“Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it. – Norman Maclean



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COGNITO – The multimedia blog

An ongoing stream of concepts, ideas, and multimedia references, memes, and “nudges” to break open the concepts of xeno-terra.

cognito -the opposite of incognito for an identity to be known, no longer concealed. The robes or outfit that a Ninja would wear during battle or performing an act in which they would need to be at their peak of stealthiness.

THE JUGGERNAUT CYCLES – Disclosures of the Galactics to the Seer

The stories were placed in the collective consciousness as archetypes; as keys to the mapping of destinies singular and collective. Like multi-dimensional puzzle pieces, they seamlessly interlock to form the integral whole which is without beginning or end. They were left here for us to find…they were left here…by…US!

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the world you knew is ending…

Our world reality is changing: The long-ago split of the Celestials and Terra  is now is now merging. What “is” becomes the “are”. The being-ness becomes “aw-are”.

re·a·lize (real·eyes)

The world you knew was captured in lower energies. Trapped in the dark matrix that was the control grid for the un-aw-ares, who lived through blood, conquest, greed, and blindness. We liberate ourselves, and loose the dark veils by re-alize-ation (use of the “real eyes”)…that we always were, always are…and always will BE.
This is the quickening. This is the
shift. And it is a personal quest.

While the energies of the world/age are
intensifying and re-aligning with new Earth grids, each human has both
the potential and the choice. The Celestial mind orients from the grids to in-scendence, the state of the inward navigator, which in-tegrates space-time into the consciousness.

in·te·gral adjective /ˈintigrəl/  /inˈteg-/ 

    1. Necessary to make a whole complete; essential or fundamental
    2. Included as part of the whole rather than supplied separately
    3. Having or containing all parts that are necessary to be complete
    4. Of or denoted by an integer
    5. Involving only integers, esp. as coefficients of a function

Man’s split consciousness was the differentiation of the terrestrial mind, which was subsumed by the dark matrix systems, and removed from the navigator/celestial mind. That unified mind-cosciousness simultaneously exists at all points on the quantum continuum (etheric, or quantum field). These artificial grids entrapped the human conscious awareness into low-level energies that were over-layed into the planet and mapped to the human DNA.

The human genetics code contains what is called non-coding, or “junk DNA”, which was “switched off” in the “fall”, or separation of consciousness; when the celestial earth grids were over-layed. Now, humans are learning to “activate” their formerly non-coding genetics which provides the means to “over ride” the low energies and re-orient to the celestial grids that are being concurrently re-aligned.

Portals, vortex arrays, “orbs”, and trans-dimensional rifts have become increasing common as these activations occur. Time slips, “bleed throughs”, and phenomena such as bi-location are also prevalent as in-cending humans “poke” at the fabric of the continuum. “Reality”, so-called, is, indeed, breaking down.

This is the synopsis of a very long story. It affects everyone who is alive today. It was revealed to MANY of us, in different ways, long before this present point in human history. The stories are TRUE. The names, settings, and non-essential details are fictionalized.

Throughout these pages and stories here are strategic ICONS, metaphors, and key word breakouts that provide clues to the process of in-cension. That process is unique to each human’s own coding, and each must learn and deploy their own sequences

The activation of the code is not based on human reasoning and thought; i.e.- the rational mind. In fact, the journey to integration requires overcoming six obstacles that form the ever-questioning, never-knowing labyrinth: the Six Degrees of Separation. These obstacles are artificial memes that prevent the human from KNOWING. The labyrinth, when navigated, leads to new levels of happiness, wisdom, and freedom to be-come a creator of worlds.

The Six Degrees of Seperation:







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