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Living without money?

 Radical concepts break established patterns. To even begin to conceptualize such a radical concept as living without the normal means of monetary investment…viewing money and possessions as transient means of exchange, and defying the cultural imperative that one must toil, horde, and covet opens the collective neural pathways to innovative new ways to imagine life outside our artificial value systems. At a time in history when the concepts of money, materialism, and western-style consumerism are being upturned, it worth pondering: http://livingwithoutmoney.org/ I had everything I needed, I had a house and I had raised two children. I gave it all away.” The documentary Living Without Money portraits the life of 68 year old Heidemarie Schwermer, a German woman who made a deliberate choice to stop using money 14 years ago. She cancelled her apartment, gave away all of her belongings and kept nothing but a suitcase full of clothes. This was a decision that changed the entire outlook on her life dramatically. Today, after 14 years, she is still living almost without money and claims she is feeling more free and independent than ever.  The film follows Heidemarie in her day to day life and shows the challenges she meets by living an alternative lifestyle. Can Going Without Money Hurt the Economy? One Man’s Quest to Be Penniless Good Morning America | Yahoo! NewsDaniel Suelo is 51 years old and broke. Happily broke. Consciously, deliberately, blessedly broke.Not only does he not have debt, a mortgage or rent, he does not earn a salary. Nor does he buy food or clothes, or own any product with a lower case “i” before it. Home is a cave on public land...
Side visioning

Side visioning

Slowing down the perceptual time stream opens up new dimensions between the vectors of space-time. Slow the breath to slow the mind…see the flickers at the edges of perception of the mirror world. I am nothing but the empty net which has gone on ahead of human eyes, dead in those darknesses, of fingers accustomed to the triangle, longitudes on the timid globe of an orange. I walked around as you do, investigating the endless star, and in my net, during the night, I woke up naked, the only thing caught, a fish trapped inside the wind. -Enigmas, Pablo Neruda “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” – Jesus (Matthew 6:22) Look deeper, but look with the “eyes” that can see. Your frontal (or fovial) vision, the straight-on gaze, is the vision you were entrained to use…the flat space of 3-D. Shift your vision to your periphery…breathe,,,watch faint glimmers appear. Breathe…avoid the straight-on vistas of your lying eyes. Shift to your side view, called “peripheral vision”. Peripheral vision of the human eye. Wikipedia: Peripheral vision Flicker fusion threshold is higher for peripheral than foveal vision. Peripheral vision is good at detecting motion (a feature of rod cells). Peripheral vision is hard to study in an objective manner, because there is no way to separate the visual detection of the eye from the neural processing of the brain. While the eye can be dissected and examined under a microscope, even if the entirety of the retina is capable of detecting light, that capacity may not...