no e·con·o·my

no e·con·o·my

The large set of inter-related economic production and consumption activities which aid in determining how scarce resources are allocated. Investopedia


Materialism limits the consciousness to the experiential, tactile manifestation of Source. We call these “re-sources”, which means that in the limited-span paradigm, they are fixed, limited, and must be guarded hoarded, and distributed by some force such as a government or an invisible “marketplace”.

“Who will define the grand design of what is yours, and what is mine… -The Eagles, The Last Resort”

The history of mankind over the  millenia has been endless striving for survival based on a zero-sum game of competition, conquest, and hoarding. The two modern competing world-views of “capitalism” and “communism” both embrace the limited view that man eke an existence out of the ground. Even the religions of our planet reinforce this limited view: By the sweat of your brow  will you have food to eat until you return to the ground from which you were made. –Genesis 3:19  The aw-are-ness that we are not merely our physical bodies, but that we are a far greater being, who is a fractal of Source (hence, fully dynamic in the acts of creation ex nihilo) negates all such concepts. The creature which was commanded to labor, to sweat, and  rely upon a limited utility of manifestation was the “god in amnesia”, who lost the ability to summon from the infinite well of the quantum matrix. All limited, quantitative world-views of something called “economy” quickly fall away when we recognize that creation is a process, not a fixed state. Abundance is the rule of the universes, not lack. Upon this hinges the entire scale of human ascension, or in-cension. The kingdom of the GODS is within you.

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