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the un·real·ity of time

Removing the concept of “time” from  our ontological processes is a radical step towards large scale consciousness. For the more one studies the very assertion that time is “real”, the more difficult it becomes to actually substantiate what constitutes an absolute value.  The best minds of the pioneering field of quantum physics were daunted by this oblique concept—a concept which we humans insist is “real”. John Wheeler (1911-2008), the physicist who coined the terms, “black hole” and “wormhole”, framed it in entirely subjective terms: “Time Is What Prevents Everything From Happening At Once…Space is what prevents everything from happening to me!” Metaphysician and philosopher, John Ellis Taggart (1866-1929), wrote in “The Unreality of Time” (1908), that our perception of time is an illusion. The article, published in the 1908 Mind: A Quarterly Review of Psychology and Philosophy , opens with this statement:“It doubtless seems highly paradoxical to assert that Time is unreal, and that all statements which involve its reality are erroneous. Such an assertion involves a far greater departure from the natural position of mankind than is involved in the assertion of the unreality of Space or of the unreality of Matter. So decisive a breach with that natural position is not to be lightly accepted. And yet in all ages the belief in the unreality of time has proved singularly attractive.” ““I do not know what I may appear to the world, but to myself I seem to have been only a boy playing on the seashore, and diverting myself in now and then finding a smoother pebble or prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all...

beyond time?

Consciousness is not a single state, but a reflective “snap shot” of a now-ness observed and realized. The clockwork effect is a focus point of perception, not an absolute as most quantum physicists readily agree, Past, present, and future—so-called—all exist at once, as fractals of the process of unfolding creation. It is, from the perspective of consciousness, that phenomena such as time dilation is affected by gravity and velocity: Time speeds up and slows down under variable conditions: “Gravitational time dilation is at play for ISS (International Space Station) astronauts too, and it has the opposite effect of the relative velocity time dilation. To simplify, velocity and gravity each slow down time as they increase. Velocity has increased for the astronauts, slowing down their time, whereas gravity has decreased, speeding up time (the astronauts are experiencing less gravity than on Earth). Nevertheless, the ISS astronaut crew ultimately end up with “slower” time because the two opposing effects are not equally strong. The velocity time dilation (explained above) is making a bigger difference, and slowing down time. The (time-speeding up) effects of low-gravity would not cancel out these (time-slowing down) effects of velocity unless the ISS orbited much farther from Earth.” – Wikipedia article, Time dilation The question becomes: what IS gravity? What is velocity? Beyond all the mathematics and physics equations, we do not comprehend the source of gravity. No, not the definition of these forces—The Source. If consciousness is a fractal of the wholeness of creation, does it not also fully contain gravity within its totality? What if—humans, who are greater than their mere physicality—are, in fact the source of...


The motion picture Love explains what needs to be understood about the human condition: we are designed to be part of our planet. We are attached to the planet in multiple dimensions which traverse the space/time matrix. Our “books” of memories (data banks) are imprints of all the aspects of our being, all the relationships we forge; all the history we write: past/present/future; that ultimately, LOVE is a force that binds us cohesively to all these aspects which are mirrors of our own consciousness. “You only have to remember that what you have done in your life may change what someone else is doing in their life and so therefore, your life continues in their eyes. ”— The Story Teller In the film, Lee Miller, the astronaut who is abandoned/isolated on the International Space Station (IS(i)S) in 2039, confronts the ultimate enigma of SELF…that the past collides with the present; the future wrote the NOW, and that love triumphs over isolation, even physical death. Cognito cognito  – the opposite of incognito  for an identity to be known, no longer concealed. The robes or outfit that a Ninja would wear during battle or performing an act in which they would need to be at their peak of stealthiness.   consciousness Ernst Mach isolation John Ellis Taggart Julian Barbour love magnetic site mindwalk money quantum physics time vision work xeno.terra zero sum...
no e·con·o·my

no e·con·o·my

The large set of inter-related economic production and consumption activities which aid in determining how scarce resources are allocated. Investopedia Materialism limits the consciousness to the experiential, tactile manifestation of Source. We call these “re-sources”, which means that in the limited-span paradigm, they are fixed, limited, and must be guarded hoarded, and distributed by some force such as a government or an invisible “marketplace”. “Who will define the grand design of what is yours, and what is mine… -The Eagles, The Last Resort” The history of mankind over the  millenia has been endless striving for survival based on a zero-sum game of competition, conquest, and hoarding. The two modern competing world-views of “capitalism” and “communism” both embrace the limited view that man eke an existence out of the ground. Even the religions of our planet reinforce this limited view: By the sweat of your brow  will you have food to eat until you return to the ground from which you were made. –Genesis 3:19  The aw-are-ness that we are not merely our physical bodies, but that we are a far greater being, who is a fractal of Source (hence, fully dynamic in the acts of creation ex nihilo) negates all such concepts. The creature which was commanded to labor, to sweat, and  rely upon a limited utility of manifestation was the “god in amnesia”, who lost the ability to summon from the infinite well of the quantum matrix. All limited, quantitative world-views of something called “economy” quickly fall away when we recognize that creation is a process, not a fixed state. Abundance is the rule of the universes, not lack. Upon this hinges the entire...
xeno·terra: navigating the streams of the is-ness

xeno·terra: navigating the streams of the is-ness

Xenoterra was my experiment website from 2012-2013, and was equal parts content and design project. The posts from this period were foundational to wider concepts still today being developed. This blog augments the material found on the radio shows, my research, and the insights and wisdom gleaned from the others…searching spirits in the nether-spheres. Reality—so-called is very fluid and subject to our ever-expanding remembering. Who we are is the “is-ness”, the existent NOW that manifests into untold dimensions   Cognito cognito  – the opposite of incognito for an identity to be known, no longer concealed. The robes or outfit that a Ninja would wear during battle or performing an act in which they would need to be at their peak of stealthiness. ...